Eminem didn’t want to perform at Wembley Stadium, the 90,000-seater home of the English national football team. Instead, he wanted to be part of the Hyde Park British Summertime lark but was refused due to the content of his lyrics.

EminemEminem performs at the MTV Movie Awards 2014 (Getty/Christopher Polk)

And Wembley stadium didn’t want Eminem to attempt to fill it either, despite being used to the fruity vernacular of the Detroit rapper - his first gig in the capital since 2001 will forever be remembered for sound issues.

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By all accounts, it sounds as though the sound equipment wasn’t exactly doing Eminem any favours as he tried to fill the mammoth stadium with rap for the first time in its history as a convert venue. Members of the audience on Friday night criticised the poor speaker system, which left them struggling to hear Shady’s rhymes. 

Wembley Stadium issued a statement following the event. It said: "We are aware of some sound issues from earlier tonight and have monitored & adjusted it where necessary. We thank you for your patience." And, according to Digital Spy, emails directed to the stadium have reportedly been met with a response claiming that "best efforts were made to rectify sound and to contact promoters" followed by the obligatory apology for any inconvenience.

Many reviews mention the unfortunate sound fidelity, but according to The Financial Times, Eminem’s performance rose when Dr. Dre hit the stage. “The intensity levels went up a notch, the rapper spitting out rhymes with rapid-fire changes in tempo and manically dashing around the stage. The light show came into its own when darkness fell, accompanying old hits such as “My Name Is” and “The Real Slim Shady”, redone as big stadium-rap numbers with singalong chants. Wembley’s first rap headliner had battled his way to a draw,” read Ludovic Hunter-Tilney’s review.