Eminem graced the SNL stage for the sixth time in his career last night, performing his latest single Berzerk, which really got the audience going. He was backed by longtime collaborator Rick Rubin, who took on the job of DJ, providing the sample of Billy Squier's "The Stroke" on his turntables. Eminem emerged soon after, on top form, spitting out a slew of verbal middle fingers, mercifully without censoring himself for the Studio 8H audience.

Eminem, Pier 36
Even on his eighth studio album, Eminem is still clearly in top shape.

He displayed some unusual energy throughout the performance, dashing from side to side to the rock-ish beat and occasionally engaging the audience in a little call-and-response (because a performance is nothing without a nice bit of audience participation, right?)

Just like Slim’s two hilarious SNL promos suggested, he left the acting to the actors. In the promos, Em essentially did his best deadpan camera stare, while other people acted excited and talked about cupcakes around him.

Eminem, Pier 36
MMLP is full of the kind of high-energy tracks we're used to hearing from Mathers.

He did, however get a second performance slot, in which he delivered Survival – another emotion-filled track from his brand new record, The Marshall Mather LP 2. This time he was backed by Liz Rodriguez of the New Royales for another explosive performance. After his impressive Saturday Night Live Performance, the rapper is set to grace the first Yotube Music Awards tonight (November 3rd.)