Eminem's Detroit childhood home was badly burnt on Thursday evening (Nov 7th).

The boarded up home, which featured on the front cover of 'Marshall Mathers LP', was badly damaged in the blaze, mainly on the second floor.

The Detroit Free Press reports, Fire fighter's responded to the 2-story bungalow located 19000 block of Dresden Street near East State Fair, just south of 8 Mile at 6:20pm, this past Thursday.

The cause of the fire, which badly damaged the top floor of the abandoned property, has not yet been determined.

Fan Matt Toporek, told the newspaper he was "just went inside and everything was burnt down; two days ago, it was fine - depressing, I don't know who does this, but this is a Detroit legend. Depressing."

Eminem's mother, Deborah Mathers, first purchased the home in 1987 for $19,900, according to public records. It has roughly changed hands ten times since then and eventually the house was abandoned.

A company listed as EM & UU Properties bought the house for $1 in 2009 before it was abandoned and after failing to sell at a recent auction for $500 it is now owned by the Michigan Land bank.

The aftermath of the fire left Em's former home critically damaged. The report states the ceiling between the 1st and 2nd floor is totally burned away and soot has stained the outside of the property, mainly above the windows.

The house recently featured on Eminem's newest album, 'Marshall Mathers LP2', which was released on November 5th 2013.

Eminem's childhood home is in critical condition