With his album release on the horizon and a new single and video being released only days ago, you'd have though that Eminem would be taking things easier as he builds up anticipation for The Marshal Mathers LP 2. Instead the Detroit rapper is dishing out the new singles like hot cakes, with his third track from MMLP2 being made available to stream late on Monday (14 Oct.) night, thanks initially to hip hop blog HipHopnMore.com.

Eminem Live
Eminem has illusions of grandeur too

Having already released 'Survival' earlier this month, and 'Berzerk' in August, 'Rap God' is a much more declarative single than his first two. Mentioning no names, the rapper pushes to reclaim his title as the top dog in hip hop, not a king in the genre but a God. Kind of a familiar declaration amongst some present rappers isn't it?

You can listen to 'Rap God' here.

Although Em doesn't name names, the track is a definite shot at those who think they're in a higher position than he is, as he mocks those who cannot match his sheer number of hits and his celebrated rapping style. He does name check some of his classic hip hop influences over the DVLP-produced track, and even borrows a line from two who go without mention; Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, whose "Six minutes — you're on," from 'The Show' is borrowed for the opener. The same clip was on the first Marshal Mathers LP, on the track 'Remember Me?'

The track is much less obvious choice for a single compared to his other two, but the striking difference only adds to the appeal of it and Em. The Marshal Mathers LP 2 will hit stores on 5 November. You can listen to 'Rap God' here.

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He doesn't name names when it comes to mentioning those who are not worthy of calling themselves rap divinity

Do rappers pray to themselves at night?