He may not have been there in person, but Eminem was one of the biggest talking points at the end of this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25 August), thanks to a well-placed Beats by Dre commercial. The ad-break featured a burst of new music from one of Detroit's most famous sons, teasing us about the prospect of hearing Dr Dre AND Rick Rubin on tape together and gave us the date November 5, 2013; the release date of Eminem's next album.

Eminem T in the Park
Marshal Mathers is back!

The commercial (which you can watch below) prompted millions of fans who hadn't already visited on Sunday to rush to Marshall Mather's official website to feed their appetite for more Marshall, where the news that his new single, 'Berzerk,' will be released this week. In fact, that day has come already, and 'Berzerk' is out now to download and to stream via a boombox-focus Vevo video (you can listen to that below as well).

Slim Shady had already been teasing the news that his 8th album is nearly done on his official Twitter and Instagram pages earlier in the day, but it wasn't until the VMA's ad break that more people caught wind of his impending releases (even though the man has over 15 million followers on Twitter though, so it is a mystery as to why no-one knew about this until the VMA's).

MMLP2, or The Marshall Mathers LP 2 as we assume is it's full title, will be the first album from Slim since 2010's Grammy-winning Recovery, and if his first single is anything to go by, his flow still has that strange little whiney part to it that he's developed over the years, but he is otherwise sounding fresh and back to his best.

By no means the first big rap release of the year, with Kanye West's Yeezus and Jay-Z's Magna Carta, Holy Grain among the biggest album launches of the year, Eminem will release MMLP2 into what has been a mixed year for hip-hop so far. Let's hope he's managed to make something that is more like his phenomenal 2000 release of a similar name, rather than being more like some of the dirge that has come since.

Slim will release his next album on Nov. 5