Rapper Eminem is determined to win custody of his two children from ex-wife KIM MATHERS - even though one of the youngsters isn't related to him.

The latest troubles for the volatile couple erupted when the controversial star found out that 11-month-old WHITNEY's real father ERIC HARTTER is an ex-convict on the run from police for drugs charges.

Kim was then arrested last week (ends13JUN03) for suspected possession of cocaine, leading Hartter's mother MARIE to sue Eminem and Kim for custody of Whitney.

But the STAN hitmaker has now split with his on/off lover and is determined to care for his seven-year-old daughter HAILIE, as well as Whitney.

A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "He was furious that Kim could get involved with such a man when she had Hailie with her. Hartter is a fugitive, wanted on drug dealing charges. It isn't the kind of guy Eminem wants near Hailie.

"If that wasn't bad enough, Whitney's grandmother then suddenly springs up saying she is going to sue for custody.

"He was really angry. He's been hit again and again with law suits. He and Kim had really big rows about it."

17/06/2003 13:53