Eminem's childhood home has been badly damaged by fire, with police and fire services baffled as to how the blaze could have begun. It is the same house that appears on the cover of the Detroit rapper's new album, The Marshall Matthers LP 2, and was his one of his homes in Detroit during his teenage years.

Eminem would have lived at the house during his teen years

Officials told TMZ that the blaze ran through much of the house and is believed to have started at around 6:20 pm on Thursday (7 Nov.) evening. Firemen were able to extinguish the flames in time to save the house from completely setting on fire, but conceded that a large portion of the house has suffered severe damage. The house, located near the infamous 8 Mile district in Detroit, is a 767 square foot, 2-story property currently owned by the bank. Officials are at a loss as to how the fire began.

According to public records obtained by TMZ, the home was purchased in 1987 by Marshall's mother Deborah when he was 15-years-old. Since her initial $19,900 purchase, the home has passed hands roughly ten times and was eventually abandoned. During a recent auction, the home failed to sell for $500 and has been owned by the bank since then.

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Much of Missouri-born Eminem's childhood was spent moving from city to city across America, until his family eventually settled in the Detroit area when he was roughly 11. Marshall would have already begun honing his skills as a rapper when his mother purchased the aforementioned property.

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The home may have inspired a young Marshall Matthers