Eminem refuses to follow his rap peers and use the 'n' word in his hits, even though he used the derogatory term on a tape he recorded as a teenager.

The rapper has repeatedly apologised for the slip-up, which was recorded when he was 16, and he insists he's far from comfortable about using the 'n' word in songs these days.

He says, "It's just a word I don't feel comfortable with. It wouldn't sound right coming out of my mouth.

"If a white kid came up to me and said it, I probably would look at him funny. And if given the time to sit down with him I'd say, 'Look, just don't say the word. It's not meant to be used by us.'"

But Eminem has no problems using another derogatory term - 'f**got.'

He explains, "Growing up, the word 'f**got' was thrown around. When you said 'f**got' to somebody it didn't necessarily mean they were gay. It was in the sense of, 'You f**king dick.'"

11/11/2004 02:33