Eminem revealed he and Dr. Dre have worked on some unheard new material that didn't make the cut for 'Revival'.

The 'Love The Way You Lie' hitmaker's long time collaborator wasn't as involved with making the beats for the 45-year-old rapper's latest record, which was released on Friday (15.12.17), but Eminem has hinted the tracks they did start on together may be ''revisited'' further down the line.

Speaking on his SiriusXM Shade45 channel, Eminem explained: ''There's a couple of tracks that I do have that I might revisit and check them out.

''There were two of them. I'm sure that at some point in the future, me and Dre are gonna connect again and hopefully be able to be as intertwined as we were on past projects.''

However, Eminem had to make certain changes to the compilation because he knew Dr Dre was taking a ''break''.

He added: ''This album, the last year or so is when things started to come together and connect, but I knew Dre was taking a break and I knew that he had taken some time off, so I really couldn't hit him up for some beats.

''So I really kept going with what I was doing and come to him when the album was pretty much almost finished.

''We had a discussion that if he didn't do a beat on the album, could he at least mix, 'cause he's not only the best beatmaker in the world to me, but he's also the best mixer, hands down.''