A bodyguard at Eminem's SHADY RECORDS is being sued after allegedly attacking a club-goer at a New York nightclub two years ago.

Scott Cherry, a bouncer who routinely protects Eminem and 50 CENT, reportedly beat MICHEAL ESPOSITO, a DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION employee, as he was partying at Union Square's SPA on 10 February, 2002.

Esposito says he was leaning against the bar when Cherry suddenly approached him and asked him to leave before punching him.

He states, "I had no idea why he asked me to leave, so when I asked him, he attacked me for no reason at all. I put my drink down and, boom, I was struck in the nose. There was blood everywhere. My nose was broken."

Esposito is suing for $3 million (GBP1.6 million) and hopes to collect money to help pay the two surgeries he underwent to repair his broken nose.

But Cherry claims that Esposito hit him first.

He says, "I did not strike Scott Cherry, or anyone else on the premises. This was a completely unprovoked attack."

02/04/2004 08:54