Former teen star Emily Lloyd was dumped from the film MERMAIDS after clashing with the film's leading lady Cher.

Lloyd was originally cast to play Cher's daughter CHARLOTTE FLAX in the 1990 romantic comedy, before she was asked to leave the production in favour of Winona Ryder.

The A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT star says, "One minute I was told I was playing the lead role. But that all changed when I met Cher.

"She was such a diva. She just waltzed in with these big shades on and never took them off.

"Cher stared and stared at me through her ridiculous shades for ages and then finally screeched 'You don't look genetically like me'. I looked at her and said, 'Well you don't look genetically like you.'"

Lloyd went on to win a $315,000 (GBP175,000) payout from the film's producers.