Emile Hirsch is having a fantastic run of good fortune recently, both professionally and now personally too. Having recently been announced as the star of an upcoming John Belushi biopic, the rising actor also became a first-time father last week! Can things get any better for this guy?!

Although Hirsch hasn't directly responded to the various reports stating that he is now a father, it is widely believed that the actor welcomed his first child, a son, on 27 October in Florida. Naming him Valor, Hirsch posted the tweet "Love to all my followers, beautiful Sunday," the day his son was supposedly born, and a week later photographs of the actor with his baby began emerging online and the reports began flying in.

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At the beginning of last month, on 2 October, the New York Daily News first ran a report stating that Emile was expecting a child, stating that he was expecting with an unknown woman he met at an Oscars party earlier this year. Hirsch responded to the initial report through Twitter by joking that he was the father of Ronan Farrow (a reference to the paternity row surrounding Mia Farrow and Woody Allen's son), and he has maintained this air of silence even as the reports about the birth have been continually published.

It was E! News who first reported that Hirsch is a father, with their report going on to state that he and the mother of the newborn intend to remain friends and plan on raising the child together, although they may not be committing to a full-time relationship. More word on this story as it develops.

Emile Hirsch
Things are going great for Emile Hirsch right now