Emeli Sande may include a song she wrote when she was seven on her next album.

The 26-year-old star's interest in music began at an early age and she is considering putting a track about lovable aliens on her second record.

She said: ''I was about seven [when I wrote my first song] and it was about an alien coming from space and spreading love around the world.

''I should make it a secret track on the album.''

The 'Heaven' hitmaker is thankful for her parents' support and encouragement with her career and thinks her talent is a ''gift'' inherited from her father.

She added: ''It was so natural to me as a kid, it's nothing I've learnt.

''My dad has a great ear. His whole family are very musical, I definitely think it's a gift from my dad's side of the family.

''And my family were always really supportive, always at every show at school, made sure I had piano lessons, clarinet lessons, everything I needed.

''Any they made me feel like what I was doing was important, even when I was seven or eight. That's the main thing.''