Emeli Sande has married boyfriend Adam Gouraguine in Montenegro.

The 'Next To Me' singer - who has been dating Adam for seven years - wed in a traditional ceremony in the Eastern European country on Saturday (15.09.12) and plans to enjoy a ''proper honeymoon'' with her new husband.

A source told the Daily Record newspaper: ''It was a fairly traditional service in the evening. Emeli looked beautiful in a designer dress. Her fiance wore a lounge suit.

''There will be more celebrations before everyone heads home but Emeli now has some time off so will get to enjoy a proper honeymoon.''

She also plans to take his surname, and become professionally known as Emeli Sande Gouraguine and take a Montenegrin passport.

Speaking on Montenegrin TV, she said: ''I want to be the part of his life and his family, so I want to add his surname.

''I would also love to have a Montenegrin passport. I want to be part of his tradition.

''I grew up in a family of two different cultural backgrounds, so I embraced both.''

Emeli has previously claimed she struggled to deal with her bi-racial background.

She said: ''Apart from my sister, Lucy, there was nobody else there who looked like me...

''People knew you in The Village. But any surrounding place you'd go to, you became a spectacle. People would stare, and it felt like a big thing.''