The woman who cooked up Elvis Presley's famous peanut and jelly toasted sandwiches had problems severing ties with The King after he died in 1977 - he came back to haunt her. MARY JENKINS LANGSTON was spooked by Presley until her death in 2000, according to a documentarian who interviewed the cook before she passed away. Film-maker James Walsh chatted to Langston, who cooked for Elvis and his family and friends from 1966 until his death, for his documentary THE BURGER + THE KING: THE LIFE CUISINE OF ELVIS PRESLEY. And he was astonished to discover Presley returned from the dead to haunt the bathroom in the home he bought for his favourite cook. Walsh reveals, "Mary used to be Elvis' cook at Graceland and she told me her bathroom was haunted by Elvis Presley. "She'd hear him banging around in the bathroom. She's a very sweet old black lady who catered to Elvis' needs and Elvis bought her a house. The house is now haunted by Elvis. She took us around and showed us and she said she could hear the knockings. "Of course we couldn't hear them. That was pretty strange."