An Elvis Presley fan's prized record collection is expected to fetch as much as $375,000 (£250,000) when it is auctioned this week (begs25Oct10).
Steve Lacey is selling 12,000 mint condition vinyl records, which he began collecting from around the world when he was just a boy.
He says, "It began when I was 11 and I heard he (Presley) had died. I got a paper round and spent everything on the collection. I worked five nights a week in a chippie (fast food joint) to buy more.
"Then I had to decide whether I wanted a mortgage or more Elvis records. I kept buying records."
Experts believe the lot will be popular with collectors when it goes under the hammer at auction house Bamfords in Derby, England.
A Bamfords spokesperson says, "It's probably the best collection in the world because Steve has records from so many countries."