King of rock Elvis Presley regularly broke the law by impersonating police officers - to secretly fight street crime.

The late BLUE SUEDE SHOES superstar fulfilled his private ambition of becoming a cop, by making fake police badges and taking to the streets with a gun and flashing blue light, to tackle illegal activities.

Presley's ex-wife PRISCILLA writes in new book ELVIS, BY THE PRESLEYS, "He had a million badges and a blue police light on his car.

"He liked nothing more than putting that light on his car and pulling people over. He'd walk up to the window, show off his official badge and say, 'Son, you were speeding. Just want to warn you to slow down.'

"The driver would see him and remain speechless. He liked seeing himself as a lawmaker and protector of the public. He carried guns, and if he happened to see, for instance, two men fighting at a gas station, he'd drive over and stop the fight. His very presence stopped things escalating."

25/05/2005 13:45