Elvis Presley's secret 'girl wrangler' has refuelled speculation the rocker spawned a string of love children by revealing his manager came up with a ruse to make sure the king of rock 'n' roll could escape any potential paternity battle.

BYRON RAPHAEL, now 71, was hired by COLONEL TOM PARKER to spy on Presley and his entourage and later by The King himself as his personal date doctor.

And in an explosive new Playboy expose about Presley's rampant post-army service sex life, Raphael confesses that the late icon was never left alone with his dates.

The confidante explains, "Members of his entourage could take the blame if an unfortunate pregnancy should arise."

And Raphael reveals that "may" have happened a few times: "Colonel Parker had several important dinners with the parents of young girls who spent too much time with Elvis.

"After that, Parker had a directive: 'When any girl comes up to Elvis' room, I want to make sure at least two of you guys (from the entourage) are around. That way if any problems come up, you can say, well we made it with her also.'"