Elvis Presley often left his one-night stands in tears, because he refused to take their virginity after they had pleasured him orally.

Members of the King's entourage would persuade girls picked from the crowd at shows to perform acts of fellatio on them before delivering them to Presley's bedroom, but despite the nights of passion, the willing teens would always go home with their virginity intact.

BYRON 'THE SIREN' RAPHAEL, who Presley allegedly hired to wrangle girls for him to "play around with," admits the nights would often end in heartbreak because Elvis would refuse to go "all the way" with his one night stands and fall asleep soon after he had ejaculated.

In a new Playboy interview, Raphael recalls, "He really wasn't all that keen on doing the wild thing. He was far more interested in heavy petting and panting and groaning... Elvis was particularly fond of blow-jobs and had no guilt about them.

"But he would never put himself inside one of these girls. Within minutes (of climaxing) he'd be asleep, and often the girl would still be rubbing herself against him.

"I'd step in and say, 'It's time to go now, honey. Elvis needs to sleep.' And I'd peel her off him.

"Girls would come out of his bedroom in tears, crying, 'Elvis wouldn't take my virginity. He said to wait until my wedding night.'"

Elvis told his entourage that he declined offers of full-on sex because he hadn't been circumcised and feared his foreskin would tear during the act. He also promised his mother he'd wait until he was married before having sex.