The identity of a mystery woman featured kissing Elvis Presley in an iconic 1956 photograph has been revealed - 55 years after the pictures were taken.
Photographer Alfred Wertheimer snapped the King in a series of affectionate poses with a beautiful blonde in the stairwell of a building in Richmond, Virginia following a chance encounter.
Wertheimer failed to take down the name of the object of Presley's affections and she remained unknown when the black and white images, known simply as The Kiss, became part of pop culture history upon the star's death in 1977.
Editors at fashion magazine Vanity Fair recently tracked down the woman in question and she has been unveiled as Barbara Gray, now 75.
She reunited with Wertheimer for a U.S. TV interview on breakfast show Today on Monday (08Aug11) and revealed that The Kiss was her first and only encounter with Presley.
Gray confessed that she wasn't actually attracted to Presley when he chased after her on the afternoon of The Kiss shoot.
She said, "He had sparks, but I didn't even know who he was... He's a very funny kid, he was very silly and we were running around chasing each other, just being young. He narrowed me down in the hallway there to ask me if I wanted to go to (popular variety show) The Steve Allen Show with him. And I said, 'No, I'm on my way to Philadelphia to see my boyfriend.' And that's when the challenge began for him..."
Gray had little contact with Presley after their afternoon dalliance, but the King didn't completely forget about her.
She adds, "I got a Christmas card from him once, but that was it. Shortly after that I left the state so I don't know if he tried to reach me or not."