A heavyweight Elvis Presley impersonator is begging Lisa Marie Presley to help him prove he's her long lost half-brother.

PETE VALLEE - who performs as BIG ELVIS in Las Vegas, Nevada - grew up being told he was THE KING's son, but it was only two years ago when his ailing mum confessed the rumours she'd had a fling with Presley in 1964 were true.

Vallee's mother has since died and so a DNA test from Lisa Marie is the only way he can prove he's not a joker.

The 39-year-old says, "Lisa Marie, only you can put to rest the haunting question, 'Is Pete Vallee the son of Elvis?'"

The 254 kilogram (560 pound) entertainer insists he doesn't want a part of his "father's" fortune.

He says. "I'm not looking for any money, just the name."

Meanwhile, if Lisa Marie refuses to help, Vallee plans to turn to a filmmaker who is making a documentary about people who claim to be the sons and daughters of The King - because he reportedly does have a sample of the Presley DNA.

11/03/2004 10:04