Blues great LEON RUSSELL has spent a chunk of the money he made recording THE UNION with Elton John on a new tour bus.
The legendary singer/songwriter had hit hard times before Elton called him and suggested a collaborative album, and thanks to the success of the 2010 project he can now afford to live in style when he's on the road.
Elton tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I phoned him on New Year's Day, and he said, 'I got a new bus and it's so beautiful. I can invite you on the bus now.'"
And generous Elton has also gifted his longtime hero with a grand piano.
He adds, "For so many years, Leon was just paying the rent, going on tour in this old f**king bus, breaking down all the time, playing a little Yamaha electric piano.
"We've changed all of that. I bought him a grand piano and said, 'You must always play grand piano now.'"