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dear elton, you're funny! you changed your glasses, I have a bad story to tell you, I was robbed on the payphone, spoiled my plans, but I wouldn't allow anything to go between me and my Paul McCartney concert trip, I had to make it to Vancouver. I made it. I saw the rehearsal for 3 hours watching Paul Mccartney a beetle I did watch. I was so thrilled! the bad news was that I was robbed that satruday evening so I went scampering away looking for my backpack. a friend phoned me from vancouver, remember I told you about Andrew, I only talk to him, so anyhow he did phone me. I did tell him that I was going to vancouver to see the Paul McCartney concert. but that happened. my photoalbum gone, binoculars gone, I think the dirty rcmp seen them at the Dameon street starbcuks, I don't know if Kohut walked by or not an old friend of dads' everybody changed I know. I was looking at the barges in the ocean counting them for my daughter all of 13, and two sail boats, my binoc's are very close up, good, 15 years I had them for Ty, my son, its agift formy son. somebody went after me, for it Ithink. I noticed that that was very hard on me that aweful looking for it all over. it was done by someone on camera in the Harbour statioin as I rested to go to the eye doctor, I had to have that planned and did for the same time. I stayed in the Y for the evenings, I didn't want to bother Andrew, but last called him back, he found me at the bus station, and bought me a ticket for traveling back on the bus, so I have to pay him that back, 94.00. the nicesness and kindness is sure appreciated, and I only slept to get rested up for he did ask me to go over there, I went gladly, sure course! I was so relieved and happy he'ld send me back home on the bus. thats what counts. he did have a girlfriend he told me who broke it off with him. oh yes, of course he's very handsome! I did write a long time over 10 years, he asked me to marry him on a trip I was going home to wpg. but somehow he turned to go home too. How much longer am I going to talk like this?and he goes hey this is a good word, blustering on in this way? whatever that means. I watched JOan Crawford last night, what an awesome actress isn't she Elton? did do you watch this magnificent actress? my mom and dad gave us this to watch , oh I can't believe it. how wonderful she was, I remember her acting days and movies. oh my God! it was nice to watch a real movie with the other actors. there was acting back then. and too skimming the channels to Kirt Russell wow! in the hockey movie, wow! he's so awesome! I can't believe it. isn't eya he is, the one dated that dirty blonded woman. but he only doesn't copy. oh how nice that is! I didn't do anything but be emotionally bothered by that theft, I want it back I called the police, there. too. hope to God they return my things. I'm trying to get my daughter a ticket for 50.00 on airways to xmas trip to me and ty> no I have no money yet, but I have to pay back Andrew, he's tall like I like, for soon I'ld be lying in the dust if it wasn't for his calling me to come over. thanks God. nothing happened. nothing at all. I don't have any sins herer, only a robbery event by ed makimits group, from 1465 athans street, they're dangerous. unfortunately 3 other women were attacked in Vancouver last week.I don't know but he doeesn't say, that might have been Andrw talking about on t.v. how dangerous crosswalks are why people don't be more safe?! crazy they all are. what a low thing to do, to hit me for my stuff. I am worth it i to the paul mccartney concert. wow , is I have seen his piano playing on Beatles piano, and thin like that, very looking 8 years old and 17 years old, only he has the bad background of not seeing the photographs of his newspaper colours I was going to tell them its not colourful enought ot see on the news papers. thats all. I'm so happy, I seen him, paul mccartney.! yeah! andrew said he was there around the GM centre, I didn't see him, I couldn't probably, cuz there was lots of people. I was at the back, gates, walking to ask to see where to get in, and then thought walking up the gm around the sidewalk was going there, but I ran back as fast as I could running into paul mccartney's limo to see him waving, God turned me around quick, God thanks be to God its not good to listen to people who tell you where to go. not my dreams of a lifetime come true. thats for sure. he's my dream come true. yes I could tolerate what happened how they stole from em, me. one drug bust in vancouver down is a better public. oh yes, there was over 50 thousands people walking down the streets as I watched from the Y, looking on, its very interesting. nice of them, I'll pay them back as soon as I am working, and the awesome news is that my eyesight is back right on, I can see all the colours and have cured my eyesight, I told Andrew. the fresh air too is very good for you. the vancouver is grown really huge now, I never thought of city being so big! I was there when I was 15 years, old and have taken my kids to Vancouver too.13 years ago. Ok, so thanks for everything deary love of mine, I watched elvis in a intervie, did you phyllis dillar, died two weeks ago, she too said, nonono to his ... bad bad bad bad episode of so called woman? yeah elvis is left us over 35 years ago. so whats new with your life? are you really being with someones' married life or what? I'm not wasting away, its cold out, snowed out today, My bed will comfort me, alone, all alone, working in the housekeeping making little money, I ll find my kids coming home I hope to the house sometime. he turned 94 years old the umphy age! I sang kenny rogers xmas to him danced in front of him,glencampbell sang to him, we had a nice xmas time.I took the two cows calf, to the church for prayers after the robbery. the bull on Georgia street I think its dads'. he did have prize bull. y brothers street. I want it. so I gave the statue a hug. saw the carosole my tash and i went to with ty, and clarence. we had so much fun that time. sight seeing, now I'm fine, I'm not colour blind anymore. the UVsunglasses they told me must be worn, Oh I"m so happy I seen Paul MCcartney. dear elton, have happy day, be safe, What are human beings that you should take them so seriously? do you think Andrew is having someone else? I was very beat, tired, I couldn't do anything I didn't want my christianity to be interferred with, as I thought my son was in vancouver in abbotsford, where clarence's sister is. didn't see them on the way home. in Hope I thought I couldn't ask if any family was ever there, but I told dad and he says he's rich anyhow, RAy. take care. so anyhow thanks for the nice time in Vancouver. I can't believe how it is sobig, and oh yah, Vincent helped me out with hamburger, sandwich, and so did Andrew, and even gave me to tast share his icecream sundae, my left hip was killing me cuz of the walking constantly until night6pm or so, looking for it. he's got dark hair, thick, and honest to God nothing happened.next day I went home after sleeping only. all dressed and ready to go, he took me to the bus depot, and hugged me goodbye, thats all. nothing going on, only the talk of the past of what to do. what have I done to you? andrew could say? bought me a ticket to go home, and hamburger to eat, coffee. how nice can that be. I'm lucky he was there. very luckly. so I got home 12"30 pm. good and safe. thanks to him. in an instant. take care, i"m fine. they are bothering a total stranger in town here, the monster has to leave me alone. dear elton john,? will you ever take your eyes off me long enough for me to swallow my spit? I don't have suppose. I 'm going to give Andrew hismoney back, and a bicycle if he wants it I can't use a over larged bicycle. I'll pay him back by the 19th. I go to work housekeeping tomorrow, make a few dolalrs. I'll use that to pay the kindness back. too. take care. love from Elson. I hope you have a nice safe christmas.

Posted 2 years 11 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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