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hello to sir elton john, thats what you started doing, acting, you should do this, I'm so happy for you. I pick my newspaper up, hear this fantastic news, am so happy for you. That's all you dear need. Do'n'g, don't go out with Davie' Jones's misshaps ok. You really desrve this is yur chance Elton John, you've got it made now, go to acting star in the film make the movie, You should be in it. I'm happy that you chose to solo yourself. this is great. Now I don't have to worry about you,and you listened to me. My God Elton John, you could have died, we don't want to be without you, We love you. Your' greatest fan from Sundown Manitoba Elson, the Theresa ADele, also there's a they gave me a commercial of Tasha wearing my cowgirl hat, its brown, and her dad c.j. saying they both skate. He really said this to us in my laundry room a Tide Commerical, I used Tide for washing clothes. Take Care. they're handing out newspaper delivery this morning. thats one thing we really like about living in Okanagan town the people news to your door. I dreamt last night, listen to this, we were in the farmhouse, inside , there was mom in the house somewhere, Daddy was standing, and you know what the bees were all over the whole place, swarming on top of us, we froze, didn't know what to do. Can you get this? what does that mean? I bet its coming true, God, is trying so hard to get my daughter on the plane or bus, as I looked into bus/airline ticket. my brother is sending me a inheritance for some money grampa left me. I cried for him yesterday, but I also, know I have to watch the lake to cool off. its like putting two and two together. Isn't this interesting. take care, love to you. have some healthy breakfast, like a banana and coffee. and take care dear etlon. God bless, and pray to God, he is with you, yeha!

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