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dear elton john, tell elton john this, you want this to go smooth.Its June concert, a Krasna town, You need just the right suit. tweed is excellent, like your old suit from the beginning, dear Elton how about a chrisitian look? that would be great, you know the old boyslook.a manlook the oldest fashioned look. colours are great when it comes to summer picnics, but this isn't a picnic with wild coloured shirts. those leaves on, and those motifs, on. that is dear elton so interesting your photograph of you on the telephone, in black sweat suit. you look great , do your hair, you know it looks long thats' attractive right now, blonded, you're looking happy. I wish I could meet you dear Elton John. Summer's httest's looks, or some suit from a movie someone wore like Tommy Lee jones or something. a look like Robert Redford would wear, or get really fancy wearing a elvis presley outfit, in Elton JOHn style. summer colours are white, tans are excellent () not grey its winter) bluejeans are very attractive, comfortable, thats nice for summertime. Hope you have your ideas, I know you'll avoid the realists' gossip, and pretend you're straight as an old fashioned tweed suit christiains'.seriouis stuff here going, on I didn't know you're ah, aweful , new, the m word, oh no, gross for you, I never thought she could sing, I 'm not in that fan, I'mnot far from the beach home, its not much of a beach resort town either, its supposed to be retirement beach resort in Canada, with some families working like me. I was here before those pools, Grande Hotel they now call Delta, my dad gave me those of Bert4am, cuz I was here before all that was built, my dad owns it. this town should have stayed smaller discourage all the new gangsters comng here to bankrob. a woman was drowned at the beach, last week, not far from where I live, wednesday a woman was sex attacked in Mission creek, ( it happened to me too, luckily I got away) and so did, she tey even dragged her into the bushes, ) those prowlers are still out there see, how unjust this town/city is. I have a sore thorat from all the bike riding I do, but I have lost, but I am looking forward to work, phoned my boss, don't start yet, or one black suit tuxedo, would be very appropriate, you might want to think of something like a fancy summer concert along the lines of nightconcert.I just thought I'ld put in my two cents worth. or elton , a deep brown would be attractive, you decide. hope you have a lovely time. take care. oh, elton hey listen to this, how about a summer corsage, a real flower oh this will be great, ( because of all the children graduation) I had one too, pinned on your suit. thats a nice idea's I thought I would throw your way, from your loving fan Elson, Theresa Adele Emily Krasnuik from Sundown, and Kelowna B.C. take care, God bless.

Posted 2 years 8 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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Elton John
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