Sir Elton John thinks fatherhood is easier the second time around.

The 65-year-old singer and his partner David Furnish recently welcomed their son Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John - who was born to a surrogate mother on January 11 - and have admitted they feel far more confident about their parenting skills than they did with their first son Zachary.

Elton told PEOPLE magazine: ''We tried to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We were excited at the prospect of Elijah's birth as we were at the prospect of Zachary's - but much less nervous.''

David added: ''I would say we feel more secure in our parenting skills now - it's far less scary than the first time 'round!''

The couple - who entered into a civil partnership eight years ago - intend to be open with Elijah about the unusual circumstances of his birth after using the same surrogate for both boys, and have lovingly put together a scrapbook filled with mementos from the last nine months.

David, 50, explained: ''We kept a scrapbook for Zachary with all his scans, emails with the surrogate and key moments from the surrogacy, and we are doing the same for Elijah. We want the boys to understand the spirit and love that was at the heart of the process.''

The showbiz pair are overjoyed with the new addition to their family and have vowed to always give their sons constant love and support, no matter what decisions they might make in life.

David added: ''All we hope is that Zachary and Elijah are healthy and happy. They will always be able to rely on us for total love and support, and we hope they grow up to live their own lives and be who they want to be, not who we want them to be.''

Elton and David will stay in Los Angeles for a few months before returning to their luxury home in Windsor, England.