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Having a Sleigh Ride today at 2 pm was so nice. Two Klondike horses same ones I don't know if they were as I was on that slrigh once before, years ago, out of my house in Zhoda, and apartment in Winnipeg, such a smooth ride, No I don't have a bucket of tears for Prince is 12 years old, and Joel is 7 years old, so cute these great big Klondikes reminds me of my father's John , ride in Sundown, all the things father's do, dressing up warm, there wasn't many riders, cuz its too cold, or something. On a Saturday afternoon getting ready for Christmas was one of these things to do, a sleigh ride, mom and dad gave us, the lunch Kev said to go to, ( yeah a enighbour and an have me over for a sleep on floor, getting a little stuck in Winnipeg, I can get home soon, as soon as I turn my ticket around, I am working on it, this morning, then the lunch was awesome! beef + beans wow, my favorite, gosh my dad's beef,was this good, the way they cooked it, reminds me so much of the old days, yeah, there wasn't that man in my life to continue the cow farming, but I'll get back to it one of these days, there' was an Australian and his girlfriend there, nice little troubles in life, sometimes, as it goes, still on retrieving getting myself home, I didn't realize the weather was going to be this aweful~! this bad! freezing, Elton John, you wouldn't believe it, can't even walk in the cold, like this, the blankets in the carriage ride, covering the wooden seats, so nice and toasty feeling of a real sleigh ride, the driver was all red faced, so cold!! this afternoon!! but ah, so nice!! YEah, I'm attached to that sleigh of father's home in Sundown, aren't you all remembering the father' of home? I had coffee in the meeting place one of hostels, talked listened to Perdy, Mr. from Ontario a big rig driver, interesting how our lives are in the work of the past, as a grease monkey of my fathe'rs big rig, Yeah, still running around looking under that big rig, dad telling me which grease gun to fill up put in the grease, then supply the antenneas to fill each one , wow keeping the truck in a great mechanical shape. Hope you are well, fine, I should buy red shoes, they look nice. I'm working on getting myself home, I slept real warmly on the floor, ( so that happened to me, luckily there is people that care) my front doors, of my house, as you can tell day by day, the bird brained unhumans really need to leave our area of home, some thing weird about the wrong minded man , its very unlike to women and children, as the po's this morning stopped the backhoe, for hours, he was pulling snow off the ground somewhere, pulling a strap and then walking to the wipers, then opening the door and standing inside the truck drivers area, on the road in front of the BAy, hopefully he's not doing Safety as it looks, then the big tandom black truck goes there to talk to them for hours, I don't know, but ticket book it out, and man do work in snowplowing, as I sent Clarence Joe out to snowplow at 4 in the morning, form Zhoa, I have to have the bad people leave us alone. take care I'm sorry if the weather is so unpleasant, but my parka's is excellent, I ahve a place to sleep, lucky. I'll get home sometime, hope so, then my stolen truck, can be getting my hands on it, not them. Santa certainly rushed to Winnipeg. whats with all the sub zero freezing weather of col? and snow? like up North? north Pacific,. aweful! never like this before. thanks. for listening. i"m ok. went to greyhound last night, then to kev's and jodi's was there, its ok, I learnt to accept a wrong routed ticket. I'll get back on track.

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