Sir Elton John and David Furnish try never to miss their sons' bath times.

The besotted fathers recently welcomed baby Elijah into the family, which already includes two-year-old Zachary, and although they have a nanny the couple try to be around for their children as much as they can.

David said: ''We are both up through the night doing feeds with Elijah and we always try to be there for both Elijah and Zachary's bath times.''

While the couple were worried Zachary would be jealous of a younger sibling, the tot is thrilled with his younger brother.

David, 50, added: ''Zachary is a very caring little boy. He has given him lots of cuddles but we suspect he's wondering how much longer he has to wait until they can play together.

Elton and David used the same surrogate mother for Elijah as they did for Zachary but once again have chosen not to reveal her identity or discover which of them is the biological dad.

The couple have already started to notice a resemblance between the boys.

Elton, 65, told People magazine: ''Elijah looked quite a lot like Zachary when he was born. They both have the same nose but it's far too early to spot any other family resemblance.''