Elton John says having two kids is better than having one child.

The 66-year-old singer has two-year-old son, Zachary, and five-month-old son, Elijah, with his husband David Furnish, but finds no problems dealing with either of their temper tantrums.

He said: ''Everything I thought I'd find annoying is actually delightful. Having two little kids is the best.''

The family recently enjoyed a trip to Venice, Italy, together, where they were spotted playing together as they took in the sights.

An eyewitness told Us Weekly magazine: ''Elton was playful and affectionate with the kids. He kept kissing and hugging them while they were sightseeing.''

Despite being so thrilled with fatherhood, the couple don't plan on increasing their brood further.

David has previously said: ''We're done. That I can confirm. No more. We're complete. I got my tubes tied.''

The 50-year-old filmmaker also said while Zachary is very caring, he can get jealous of his younger sibling.

He explained: ''He's protective and concerned. If Elijah is crying a lot, he'll say, 'Is baby Elijah OK?' He likes to hold him and he likes to cuddle him. But he's also a little jealous if [Elijah] gets too much attention. So we're sharing the love a lot, which is good because we all need to learn to share more love.''