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its raining its pouring the old man is snoring, he bumped his head on top of the bed, and couldn't get up in the morning. Rolling along,coffee is good for you, but not too much, I hope the weather of Spring is here finally, getting out of winter was a long time age means a lot to some people.my own leg health is improving, on my own, exerise on bicycle is the hardest thing I chose for therapy, little messageing with the people at work advise,an its working out, I am so working on and getting happier to have the normal knee,ankle, so take care, its not easy to get over falling, so take care, hope you're well and I am listening to the songs, on radio. It is the hardest thing I had to get over this can never happen to me again, as I read the recipes cherries, apples, grapes, orchard work, is extremely important food produce, that I can't let it go, so I am care about myself.you do the same. the sun has gone down over the mountains, which my father's my emtiness without him is real, I will accept it.one of famous poeple is in the city, buses coming in, its coffee time, my picking bottles and cans, cleaning up the garbage keeps me slowly getting back to the work and job, jog. so I can't run, but I know being at home and resting, and eating, enjoying weather/birds, two robbins, one woodpeckerflew over from sidewalk to the car overwindow, sparrows, make a nest in high bushes, nice. budding leaves, at dad's. I"m careful, what I am exercising, and am alone, its not like I haven't called them over my children, they're happy and I know they'll join me. is not a dad a dad? my home back there it can wait, I am safe, nothing will go to me, my friend in Vancouver is at home. I don't know how I 'll chose my future. if anyone will be in my life or not, I was hoping my kids would stay withme, maybe in my house in Zhoda. my bike its like 10 spped like a car. I am careful. dont' you try that. I vacuumed before picking up my mail, I cleaned sunday night, I did get a hamburger big mac bought by someone for me, coupon but I dont' go to any thinking of sharing my life there. CErtainly not!! no one in Kelowna, many products have been made of daddy, home, logging, lumber, furniture's things, like wheat recipe magazine, Without You. all the work I did volunteering, even Caesars thats what was so fantastic!! cops good all ones like them FBI"s have this neat version of cements'. good things will happen. but we can't be everywhere all the time. its important to be safe, when people let lie down your safety, you must be safeer!! then as malaysean 777 airplane I seen on news that night, cuz I get thenews, no t.v. inmy apartment yet, for the life of me, I can't figure out why on earth they dont' have better po's for secrurity. hope they find, them, nid eh, whatever it is, its always look out for yourself, take care, hope to take better care of myself. I will am making it work out. oh, I got free really free jeans today. although life changes- mom and dad never do- their Daffodils bloom every year as their marriage did too, until death due us part as God's bible states, I really know they were in love with each other until 62 years of acknowledgement on a telephone, blessed parents sweetness of life, they are to me, I will miss them, its a good thing. God's little birdies and songs they sing to listen to, I am a great bird watcher, I just love tis hobby ofmne. we , me and clarence joe, has Bushnell Binoculars bought from working hard everyday saved up, bankingmoney, then we would go shopping! never in my life would I ever think that the mistrust of his attitude would change. so take care, hope you are eating healthy, hey dear Elton be like the soldiers of the war, check 100 times too your comings and goings, like my nephew Tommy Krasna, a war soldier of 20 years national defense line in Canada. do that. you'll be happy I know you are. I like you, so take care, I'll be ok. I am planing work, I read a lot. chapts' JOHN< ISiah, Corinthians,am hoping to plant a garden this year, are you getting in your strawberries?lvoe adele

Posted 1 year 8 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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Elton John
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