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y Elton John how are you? yo your word dear! You must say like this, this priest in the church says like this: he's black, listen he says a concrete slab, after the words of someone told him he's missing his lover, he didn't know he says , he's stupid and backwards, the priest is talking like this, he 's dumb! I turned around to look I thought gosh thats' such a good priest, I really like this priest, he's awesome! then he find out that the man is oh MY GOD a love to a man ? what I said, I looked at the other lady in the church thrift shop and said a man to a woman god made. then I told the priest cuz he saysing the he can't judge anyone, God only can, but I said that's his job to judge people, oh wow I thought to myself a slab of concrete he 's has given them. great I thought! yeah, I said there would be no civilization on earth without a man to a woman. so interesting that he's got this problem around, who's problem is it? we can't have people knowing that in his innocense as a priest, we are young children long ago, there was no such knowings, but we can't have that type of behavior. I said. god made man to a woman. OK now dear Elton you have to say find some words that are nuetral a trick or a gimmic to say that they are ignored!! you must ignore them completely ignore!! find words to so it doesn't effect your music carreer in playing the piano anywhere in the world. A Concrete Slab, just imagine in the nespaper this morning is DEATh and TAXES. its getting more expensive to have a funeral and I paid my taxes I thought, yeah daddy's funeral was expensive, I just heard the door close on my poor daddy he' went inside the funeral car, and bang the door shut, I lost my beloved daddy! what will I do now? Hope he's ok with God and all of heavenly processes of life of heaven right? I know you are busy like my dad told me you're busy leave elton john alone, he's busy working, he must work, so too the world must know that you too should be left alone to work playing your piano. I'm not wandering, I'm trying to undo a ticket of con artiristy target of my words, of my return to hopping off the bus of greyhound to kelowna, I went around to Kamloops, I didn't know what to do, at first I didn't board the greyhound, I find myself hearing that Shannon a beautiful girl in Winnipeg was killed, are you like her, killed and murderered becasue of dirty people? yeah for the wealth, they are attempting murder. so be careful, the too many wrong minded people showed up on my door step in Zhoda long ago. He's a diryt man, I don't like how he's frauding my children, and impostering mother. me. my dad didn't deserve a whoremongers among us, two bad ciblings, with wrong husbands, attacking my home and me, sorry, you know no one should attack me. never. I hope to God Canada make s the law of NO ONE now. I'll survive this, there's people around.

Posted 1 year 6 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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