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I have the worst sore throat, I cope with medicine on it, I hope you 're happy. I have to go to the funeral june 30th for papa's death,11am-1pm burial to Middlebro.Everything comes to an end. Steinbach has the service on 30th. or maybe its for Saturday, maybe my brother is having his birthday 23rd. squirrell hunter too. own boards. everybody has their own family life. I know I want you to be happy. I'll cry for my papa, but thanks for the nice song I watched it on t.v. Ready for Love, thats a hot song man! take care. hope you know I am fine. Phoenomia is the worst desease killer I never seen such a thing in my life. in Sundown my dad was once sicked with Phonemomoniaic traumatic strike of Gods' blessed end. ther was a doctor in steinbach, mr. genuis, he's was awesome to keep our daddy in a hospital bed in steinbach long ago,in 60's, we were all at home, mourning almost for the loss of our daddy sickened by phonemonica phemoniia yah,darn rights its awesome to live to 94 and 3months. I hope you dont' mind I wrote. I cry this morning, I am fine. I see you have kids now, two of them, wow you surprise me, maybe thats not exactly the done word for being alive and well, the only time we say done is in the end lets say by our fathers' death or soemthing like that, you're done dad I said. he was dieing, of phoenomic #several #### I don't know he says, watched him go. I waved to him bye bye, crying by his bedside as the t.v. had a christmas tree decorated show, me and dad we ended up like we started by christmas tree on the farm him , mom taking pictures of me by daddy and the decorated xmas tree hay on the floor, , so take care, i'm walking everyday, cycling everyday, getting good exercise. why don't the homosexuals leave me alone? why don't the here that is? I don't know what you do, but I know that its not right for nayone to follow us to bertram street, you were welcome, I hope you're happy, I only want you to be happy, and do not go out with Angela, she's got a bomb someone said. be good, did you see that in >L.A.? I can't believe the bad accidents out there. bad peole so be careful dear lovely eltonjohn. from your fan in sundown. going home in june. maybe I'll go get my wheels mopid in next month. this winter is the worst, I am alone. all alone. that man Andrew he phones me sometimes, but he's alone he says, working. so my family is at home, I'll return to them. not joey, he's a crazy guy. he's with sheila or someone. I paid some for my blown out tire tube, it went busted, I had to pay that. sent two cards to my dears, I would send you one to, but where ? I don't know the address. how many times I wanted to send elton a card of my love for him. maybe one day I'll go to california, where my dad went, they're gone now, but I liked when my kids wheant to californai, I 'll come to L.A. one day, engoland one day. yeah, take care, wow your'e chaning diapers. holy cows!! I saw the documentary on england. wow di you see how I love my elton john. take care. yah, I'm a great fan, man. !! I have this sore throat. africa is for my liking too. one day, now I have to pay bills for papa's funeral costs, and things to send my brother money and my own taxes and dad's to pay too. keep it going you know what dad said to me, $.25 cents a week to make up for the tax bills. he kicked htem out, so me too. I told daddy. I seen him sleep in the light. sorry I have bothered you in writing, but I sure wanted my daddy to meet Christ, and God. and only he is done. I go out walking in the streets,remain alone. staying alone. you made an awesome concert in england. must be nice there.

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