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Met Elliot at the "Teenage Fair" at the Hollywood Palladium in the summer of 66. He was broadcasting from there, as I recall. Loved the ascots!Wondering if the Frank Zappa song entitled "Junier Mintz Boogie" (and released as a single only in Italy backed by "As Tears Began to Fall") was written, or titled at least, with Elliot in mind. I'm thinking Frank and Elliot probably met when the Lennons did that brief concert appearance together, and the timing seems about right.Any information out there? Elliot?

Posted 5 years 4 months ago by JSM447

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Hi,I am hoping to get in touch with Paris Hilton and her dog Tinkerbell ( or at least Elliot Mintz). Having been diagnosed with Multiple Scelrosis at 23 I think we may be able to help each other as I am aware it is a horrble disease to have close to your heart.Ta Vron

Posted 8 years 5 months ago by Vron

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