As Ellie Goulding is preparing to perform at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games, which takes place on Sept 14th, she publically speaks on Prince William and Kate Middleton's recent pregnancy announcement, and seems just as excited as everyone else.

Ellie Goulding
Goulding is "very happy" for Kate and William

"I sent my congratulations already because I'm friends with Harry," she told Us Weekly. "I think I may be seeing them all this week pending on how Kate is feeling."

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On September 8th, Kensington Palace announced the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant once again. However, in the midst of the exciting news Kate was being treated in the Palace for hyperemesis gravidarum - acute morning sickness, which she suffered from during her first pregnancy.

But Goulding will likely be able to ask how the Duchess of Cambridge is feeling at the Invictus Games closing ceremony, which will be held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as it is being advocated by Prince Harry.

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"I just think it's beautiful," Goulding added to the magazine of the baby news. "They're an incredible couple and I'm sure they're incredible parents. I'm just very happy for them."

Kate Middleton
Kate and William announced the pregnancy news on September 8th

The British singer is no stranger to being in the company of Royals, she sang for William and Kate at their Royal wedding in April 2011, but the only problem was that she couldn't keep this performance a secret.

"In the weeks before, everyone I know was talking about the wedding, and I was sat like [puts knuckles in her mouth], trying not to say anything," she told Marie Claire UK in January. "I kept it to myself for so long, but no one would have believed me anyway."