Florence Welch triggered "a whole string of really serious panic attacks" in Ellie Goulding.

'Starry Eyed' singer Ellie said she has been prone to attacks since she started rising to fame, and one of her worst came after the Florence and the Machine singer approached her to tell her how good she was.

Ellie, 23, told New! magazine: "I was doing a show with Florence last year and it was quite a crazy night. Florence came up to me and said, 'I love you, you're great,' and I was really overwhelmed. I just kind of flipped and ran out of the place and went home, still with a drink in my hand!
"I woke up the next morning and my heart was pounding. I then had to get a train home to a funeral so it was the worst day ever and it started off a whole string of really serious panic attacks."

Ellie added that though her body has largely "adjusted" now and she can better deal with the attacks, she still wears a heart monitor to keep track of herself.

She added: "I've kind of conquered it, but I still get a racing heart. I try to keep myself fit, but the last four years I've really put my heart under pressure– not just emotionally, but also physically because I train quite a lot. I've got a heart monitor now."

Ellie also admitted she has had to deal with lots of emotional strain on her heart during her life.

She said: "I feel like I've had years of emotional turmoil. I've put myself in so many dangerous situations with guys. By the time I was 18, I already had a book I could write about love."

Ellie's debut album, 'Lights' is available now.