You cant fail to notice that Ellie Goulding has taken on a bit of an image change as of late. The singer who was once thought of as ‘squeaky clean’ has recently taken to wear more revealing stage costumes and opening up about her more rebellious past. So what’s going on with Ellie? Has the singer merely grown up or has she taken tips from some other the other young artists who have edge up their image as of late and raised their profile?

Ellie Goulding 02 ArenaEllie Goulding performing at the 02 Arena as part of her 'Haycelon Day's tour

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, Ellie Goulding was the first choice to sing at the royal couple’s wedding reception. At the time in 2011, the then 24 year old singer was riding high having released her debut album ‘Lights’ the year before and successfully covering Elton John’s ‘Your Song’, which she performed at the reception. Fast forward three years and Ellie is currently on her ‘Haycelon Days’ tour in support of the repackaged second album and whilst the shows are getting good reviews it's her costumes that have really been hitting the headlines.

Recently Ellie’s been seen on stage in a variety of 'sexier' costumes. There’s been nude jumpsuits, and leather style leotards all flaunting Ellie’s impressive gym-toned physique. Whilst for some the change in Ellie’s stage attire has left them wondering what she's up to, Ellie thinks her new look really shouldn't be causing any fuss. She recently told Hunger Magazine, ‘I don't have anything against being sexy. If a pop star exposes herself or doesn't wear a lot, it doesn't really bother me the way it bothers other people.’ At the same time, the singer was also keen to express that she doesn't think a sexy image is necessary to pop success, singling out singers such as Lorde who don’t go down the more sexy route when it comes to choosing stage attire. Ellie said, ‘"Some of the most successful girls don't portray themselves as sex symbols. Lorde is doing exceptionally well - she's been number one in America for ages and she doesn't dress like a skank,” Looking towards a fellow British artist she added ‘Lily Allen is doing really well and she doesn't dress provocatively. If you make good music, then that's all you need.’

Ellie goulding at the Brit AwardsEllie Goulding was name best British female at this year's Brit Awards

For Ellie it seems her new look comes from simply growing up, rather than trying to be provocative. After all Ellie, at 27, is now nearer to 30 than 20 so it’s no surprise she’s trying to come into her own. Ellie herself has said that her new more daring look is due to an increase in body confidence which comes from leaving your teens and early 20s behind. She explained, ‘I think I feel more confident with how I look and my body in general’, adding ‘I feel like I've matured - I can wear what I want now and be confident.The awkwardness of my teenage years and early twenties has passed.’

The attention that Ellie’s different look has received has also come at the same time as she opened up a lot more about her less than squeaky clean past. She’s recently told interviewer Michael Parkinson about her time as a rebellious teen when she had piercings and dyed black hair. More revealing the singer also admitted "yeah. I definitely had a period of drinking and being a bit crazy. I had no idea what my future was going to be then."

Ellie Goulding 2010Way back when... Ellie in 2010

Now Ellie’s future is definitely certain, the singer is currently enjoying a career high. Last year she hit the number one spot with her single ‘Burn’, this year so far she was named best female artist at the Brit Awards last month and she’s about to embark on a 17 date North American tour. All this means the 27 year old has a very bright future ahead of her. Whilst her style might be changing her music is evolving too, making her one of Britain’s most valuable young music exports. Ellie’s slight change of image might be taking the headlines, but its her music that is keeping her in the charts, currently Ellie is at the no. 2 album spot in the UK chart, proving that her music is still very much the main focus.

Ellie Goulding Liverpool performanceEllie's music still takes center stage

As for her new look, well at 27 if the singer feels like she needs a bit of an image update, who can deny her? After all if Ellie’s happy with it she can wear whatever she wants.

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