The Starry Eyed hitmaker stood on a stage in the middle of the Melbourne Cricket Ground preparing to start her two-song set when the audio tracks for her hits Burn and Love Me Like You Do began playing at the same time.

Goulding's singing could be heard although she was not using her microphone at that moment.

The audio was cut, and shortly after, she began performing Love Me Like You Do.

The technical mistake lead critics to question if she was singing live, and the pop star has now hit back at the speculation on, writing, "Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad (great) compliment... Considering I had no voice yesterday and a sleepless night because of the meds (medication) I would say it's been a good day.

"I give 100 per cent in my performances even when people don't give much back. My fans know that. That's because I love what I do so much... Truth be told I've been unwell the past week and I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz (sic) today."

Musician Bryan Adams and Chris Isaak also provided pre-match entertainment.