Ellie Goulding thinks her father has damaged her.

The 26-year-old singer was just five years old when her her dad, Arthur, walked out on her family and though she is ''baffled'' by his actions, she doesn't want to delve too deeply into them.

She said: ''When you reach a point of no return with someone and you feel there's going to be no reconciliation, you have to disconnect. I can't allow myself to be emotionally connected with people like that again, it's too damaging. It's just a giant question mark why he's not around. It baffles me; I have no idea what happened. But, it's not for me to investigate. I've taken every positive I can from it. If I ever have kids I will never let their dad not be in their life.

The 'Burn' hitmaker - who has one brother and two sisters - believes her mother Tracey has done a fantastic job bringing up her children on her own and, although she admits she would hear what her dad had to say if he was to ever return, she would never forgive Arthur for what he's done.

She explained to Stylist magazine: ''My mum has been amazing. For her to bring the three of us up, that's pretty badass. But I'm not bitter. You don't miss what you don't have.

''I'd listen to what he had to say. But like I said, there's a disconnect there; there's something that can't be reversed.''