Ellie Goulding is an ''electro goddess'' in the US.

The British singer had a huge hit in the US with 'Lights', largely due to dubstep remixes of her tracks, and she finds it funny that in her home country she is still seen as a pop star.

She said: ''It's ginormous. Over here, I'm this middling pop star and in America I'm like an electro goddess!''

The 'Anything Could Happen' star says there is a big difference in her voice between her debut, 'Lights', and her recently released new album 'Halcyon', because of all she has learned from electronic producers.

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I've watched and learnt from DJs and remixers and paid way more attention to how I want my voice to sound.

''Before, as long as it was loud and in tune it was fine. I've discovered the difference made by various microphones and effects, so each track has a different vocal sound, my voice is woven into everything and it's above everything. I'm obsessed with this album.''

A more delicate side to Ellie's voice was first exposed when she recorded a version of Elton John's 'Your Song' for an advert in 2010, and she credits Ben Lovett from Mumford And Sons with helping bring out that side of her.

She explained: ''Ben put me into a really good place, told me to be very delicate, soft, nothing like I'd done previously. All of a sudden people were saying 'who is this singer?' It's like I was a new person. None of this stuff was premeditated.''