Ellen Page was wary of accepting a role in upcoming TV series TILDA - because she worried she'd be criticised for transitioning from film to the small screen.
The actress, 23, shot to fame as the lead in hit movies including Juno and Whip It and admits she feared taking her career to TV.
But Page insists she couldn't turn down the script for HBO's upcoming comedy Tilda, in which she stars as an assistant to a high-powered Hollywood journalist, played by Diane Keaton.
She tells Collider.com, "(TV) just wasn't necessarily what I thought my next move would be. I didn't foresee myself shooting a pilot right now. It came along and... I read the pilot and I loved it. I was intellectually inspired, artistically inspired and I'm a huge fan of Diane Keaton.
"To be honest one of the only issues (in taking the job) was perspective - how people would perceive me doing TV. God, I sound like such an egotistical jerk. But who even cares what I do? I'm a huge fan of HBO. Their work is absolutely incredible (and) there's been a shift in mediums. I'm stoked to be involved and we just shot the pilot and I had a great time - I'm just hoping it will continue."
But despite her initial fears, Page's TV career appears to be taking off - HBO executives have purchased a comedy series she's creating with her Whip It co-stars Alia Shawkat and Sean Tillmann.
Page adds, "I'm writing a show that HBO bought called Stitch N' Bitch with two friends of mine. And I've been writing a screenplay as well. Who knows if these things will ever even (take off) but I'm having a blast doing it.