Ellen Degeneres has revealed that she is related to Kate Middleton.
ELLEN DEGENERES, the American talk show host and former American Idol judge, has revealed that she is related to Prince William's soon-to-be wife KATE MIDDLETON, reports CBS News.The EMMY AWARD winner says that she received a letter from the New England Genealogical Society explaining that she and the princess-to-be KATE MIDDLETON are distant cousins. The pair are common ancestors through the English Civil War commander SIR THOMAS FAIRFAX, who was born near Otley, in West Yorkshire, England. On revealing the news, DeGeneres said, "I'm definitely invited to the wedding now! Between the Packers winning the Super Bowl and this, I'm having a good week". Middleton is set to marry PRINCE WILLIAM at London's Westminster Abbey on 29th April 2010 and the talk show host has volunteered to help with the festivities, in a message to Middleton she said, "Let me know if you need me to plan the bachelorette party. Because I found some straws that are shaped like. . . well never mind".
It was announced today that PRINCE WILLIAM has chosen his brother Prince Harry to be his best man at the forthcoming ceremony, and KATE MIDDLETON has asked her sister PHILIPPA MIDDLETON to serve as the maid of honour.