Now writer-director Andrew Stanton is back, along with Ellen Degeneres voicing the forgetful blue tang Dory. In her varied career, from stand-up comic to sitcom star to talk show queen, DeGeneres has found Dory to be one of her most indelible alter-egos, so it wasn't difficult for her to return to the role, as Dory reflects her own approach to the world. "I think my comedy came from observing little details in life," she says. "What is most important are the details, not the broad strokes but noticing what's in between."

Ellen Degeneres at the Finding Dory premiere

DeGeneres says that she's always been very sensitive, and tries to make people laugh without ridiculing anyone. "There's so much to laugh at without it being at someone else's expense," she says. And she applies this same positivity and honesty to every aspect of her life. "When you're gay and you're successful in this business, your whole team says, 'Don't rock the boat. You're doing fine - we know you're gay but, you know, just keep it down.' And I just thought, what's equally as important as my career is living my life without shame."

For Finding Dory, DeGeneres reteams with Albert Brooks as Marlin, plus new characters voiced by Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ty Burrell and Bill Hader. And she particularly enjoyed teaming up with Ed O'Neill, who plays her new sidekick Hank, a seven-tentacled octopus. "I think our characters together in the movie are so great," she says. "It's just one of the many messages, because it really is about these friendships that you just wouldn't think should exist because we're such opposites. It's about how you shouldn't judge somebody just by the first meeting."

DeGeneres enjoyed exploring the various deeper themes in the film. "There's always another way - that's a new message in this movie," she adds. "And that is the truth. There's always another way. Don't ever just put up with something or just say, 'Well, that's the way it is.' And then your disadvantage can actually be your strength. So if you have a disability, you should embrace what it is that - it empowers you in a different way. Just keep swimming!"

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