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Earth to Echo Review

The filmmakers behind this pre-teen adventure admit that they were trying to combine the magic of E.T., Stand by Me and The Goonies, but they've forgotten that none of those complex, deeply involving classics ever talk down to their audience. By contrast, this movie is painful viewing for anyone over about age 12, as it indulges in shamelessly cute imagery, seasick hand-held camerawork and superficial emotional catharsis.

It's set in rural Nevada, where a new freeway is cutting through a suburban community, forcing families to relocate, which is devastating to three 13-year-old pals who grew up together. Tuck (Brian Bradley, better known as the rapper Astro) decides to videotape their last night together, as he teams up with Munch and Alex (Reese Hartwig and Teo Halm) to investigate some mysterious images on their phones, which seem to be leading them out into the desert. There they find a chunk of steel that takes them on a scavenger hunt, adding bits and pieces until it emerges as an adorable owl-shaped alien, which the boys name Echo. Inexplicably joined by hot girl Emma (Ella Wallestedt), who won't give them the time of day in school, they spend the night trying to outwit the freeway construction boss (Jason Gray-Sanford) and help Echo get home.

Most of these kinds of films sink or swim on the talent of their young actors, but it's impossible to tell how good these actors are, since first-time feature director Dave Green directs them to over-stated performances while forcing them to deliver first-time feature writer Henry Gayden's ridiculously trite dialogue. Every moment of "wonder" is so heavily telegraphed and pushed that any sense of discovery is lost. Even their school-nerd personas are contrived and unbelievable, as is Tuck's ability to capture every significant moment with one of his gadgety cameras, even in moments of high panic. The idea of him shooting and editing their last night together, which turns out to be rather enormously momentous, is a clever one, but the added melodramatic touches undermine the plot by trying to force it into a standard adventure formula.

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‘Earth To Echo’ Released, But Is This Family-Friendly Alien Adventure Worth Watching?

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Heading to the movies this weekend? Many of you will be and, if film forecasts are correct, plenty of you will be headed to see Dave Green's new feel-good family sci-fi adventure, Earth To Echo. A three-way cross between E.T., The Goonies and Super 8, Earth To Echo looks set to become a modern science fiction classic. A string of positive reviews won't exactly hurt either.

Tuck (Astro), Munch (Reese Hartwig) and Alex (Teo Halm) are three best friends who are faced with the arrival of a huge construction project that is splitting up their neighbourhood. As one final adventure together, the boys decide to investigate the strange coded messages and maps they keep getting on their cell phones.

After cracking the code, the boys stumble across an adorable unearthly creature who seems to possess the power to construct objects with its mind. They decide to name the incredible alien Echo and decide to help it get back to its home against all odds.

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Earth To Echo - Clip

Tuck, Munch and Alex are three young boys who make the discovery of a lifetime during an adventure on which they embark to discover what's going on behind the unusual coded messages on their cell phones. Filming their journey, they come across a shy but utterly adorable robotic alien creature with big lights for eyes who appears to possess a variety of unusual properties. It communicates with a series of strange electronic clicks and whirrs, it can't walk or fly but it can float along on the air, it can send electronic impulses through its limbs and can scan objects around it with its eyes. They attempt to help the creatute - which they christen Echo - become more mobile, while trying to discover whereabouts in the galaxy he has fallen from. They want to help Echo return home, but when the previously sceptical grown-ups start to get involved, they're inviting a whole load of danger.

'Earth To Echo' is a heart-warming sci-fi reminiscent of the likes of Steven Spielberg's benign alien movie 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial'. It has been directed by Dave Green ('Zombie Roadkill') and written by Henry Gayden with Andrew Panay (producer of 'Wedding Crashers' and 'When in Rome'), and it is due to hit the UK on July 25th 2014.

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Picture - Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt and... Beverly Hills California United States, Tuesday 24th June 2014

Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt and Teo Halm - 5th Annual Thirst Gala hosted by Jennifer Garner in partnership with Skyo and Relativity's Earth To Echo - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Tuesday 24th June 2014

Ella Wahlestedt
Ella Wahlestedt
Ella Wahlestedt
Ella Wahlestedt
Ella Wahlestedt

Picture - Ella Wahlestedt - 102.7 KIIS... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 10th May 2014

Ella Wahlestedt - 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2014 at the StubHub Center - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 10th May 2014

Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese Hartwig
Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese Hartwig
Ella Wahlestedt
Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese Hartwig
Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese Hartwig

Picture - Ella Wahlestedt - Celebrities attend... Los Angeles California United States, Tuesday 6th May 2014

Ella Wahlestedt - Celebrities attend Disney's "Million Dollar Arm" World Premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 6th May 2014

Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese C. Hartwig
Ella Wahlestedt

Picture - Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and... Westwood California United States, Saturday 3rd May 2014

Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese C. Hartwig - Premiere Of "Legends Of Oz: Dorthy's Return" - Westwood, California, United States - Saturday 3rd May 2014

Teo Halm, Ella Wahlestedt and Reese C. Hartwig



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