Actress Elizabeth Hurley has infuriated her curvy fans, by launching a scathing attack on overweight women who wear tight clothes.

The outspoken model-turned-actress is offended by the sight of fleshy bodies, and would love to ban females from wearing revealing outfits unless they're thin and muscular.

She fumes, "I'd ban anything that is too small or too tight, unless you're slim and toned. I'm sick of seeing flab bulging all over the place.

"You can be 80 as long as you have slimmish legs firmly encased in thick tights. Bare legs in a miniskirt can look dodgy at any age.

"But I'd kill myself if I was as fat as Marilyn Monroe."

Hurley, who boasted about her post-natal "six raisins a day" diet, recently caused an uproar with another beauty tip - sleeping with the windows open, to avoid waking up "looking German"

17/06/2005 13:43