Elizabeth Hurley says she ''didn't have a clue about cricket'' pre-Shane Warne.

The actress and model - who is now engaged to the cricketing legend - revealed her knowledge of the sport was limited to the kind of clothes the players wear.

Elizabeth told Hello! magazine: ''All I knew was that they wore white. Now, of course, I know a bit more, including the fact they didn't always wear white.''

Shane added: ''Elizabeth's knowledge of cricket has come a long way over the last few years. It means a lot to me that she has taken the time to understand the game and I think I've converted to being a fan.

''But I still need to put some work in about who she's going to support in the Ashes.''

The Australian cricketer shares an interest in his fiancee's work life too, and she revealed he gives her the confidence to model her luxury beachwear collection.

Elizabeth previously said: ''I always ask Shane for his opinion on the colours and prints and always take them on board.

''The first time I went to stay with him in Australia must have been an eye opener as I arrived with a suitcase of Lycra and silk swatches and covered his entire drawing room with them.''