Elizabeth Hurley's dogs have been poisoned.

The 47-year-old star was horrified when she returned from a break in Australia with fiance Shane Warne to find two of her canine companions had been taken ill and is now trying to nurse them back to health.

She tweeted yesterday (24.01.13): ''Home Sweet Home. Wonderful to be back but two of my dogs have been seriously ill for the last 48 hours. Vet thinks poison. Horrific.

''Lucy, the chocolate lab, was hit the worst. She still has bandaged legs where the drip went in. Lots of cuddles......(sic)''

Thankfully, the dogs are now on the mend.

The 'Bedazzled' star wrote earlier today (25.01.13): Raja-the big lab-seems much stonger today. Lucy, still frail. Thank you so much for all your concern and nice comments. (sic)''

As well as sick dogs, the brunette beauty is also struggling with another problem - jet lag.

She wrote last night: ''Determined not to fall into a jetlagged stupor this time......dying to get into bed though. Can't face unpacking....(sic)''

However, she tweeted this morning: ''Good morning! Was up at 1.30am, so resorted to a sleeping pill.''