Eliza Doolittle has a crush on Cheryl Cole.

The 'Pack Up' singer - who has been in a relationship with a rapper named Ollie for four years - loves reading celebrity magazines to "perve on all the pretty girls", and as well as the 'Parachute' hitmaker, she also admires 'Mad Men' star January Jones.

Eliza said: "Cheryl Cole is delicious. I'd also like to see January Jones in a bikini! I really love reading gossip magazines on the train, just to perve on all the pretty girls."

Eliza - who famously insured her legs for £5million after modelling for a Nike running game - claims to be "oblivious" to her male fans, but is not afraid to tell men how she feels about them.

She added to more! magazine: "My friends will be like, 'That bloke was chatting you up', and I'll go, 'What?' I'm so oblivious - I don't notice things like that. I don't really go out partying but I'm definitely a social butterfly.

But I don't hold back - if I think someone's good-looking I'll tell them straight away."