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Buena Vista Social Club Review

Do you like Cuban music? Maybe you've never tried it, and like your mother said, you won't know until you do. Wim Wenders, best known for making Wings of Desire, takes a video camera and makes a home movie/documentary about octagenarian musicians in Cuba. Too bad there's not more music, 'cause these old folks are dry as dust.

Cooder: 'It's Expensive Being A Star'

Ry Cooder Compay Segundo Eliades Ochoa Ruben Gonzalez

Blues legend Ry Cooder is still struggling to make money from music, despite having been a celebrated singer/songwriter since the 1960s.

The PARADISE AND LUNCH star confesses he has honed his skill for spending money over the years, but still hasn't succeeded in making as much as he'd like to.

He says, "I keep thinking, if you can break even, you're doing all right.

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Political Squabbles Affect Latin Grammys

Latin Grammy Awards Rolling Stones Ibrahim Ferrer Buena Vista Social Club Fidel Castro Eliades Ochoa

Bad relations between America and Cuba is expected to block a handful of Cuban musicians from attending tonight's (03SEP03) Latin Grammy Awards in Miami, Florida.

Among the stars unlikely to make the event are Latin jazz maestro CHUCHO VALDES and LOS VAN VAN, a group considered the Rolling Stones of salsa after 33 years' performing.

Los Van Van frontman JUAN FORMELL complains, "If Cuban athletes can compete in the United States, why can't we travel to the Grammy ceremony?"

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Eliades Ochoa

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