Director Eli Roth has dismissed criticism he's homophobic for using gay slurs in his movies, although he admits he strives to make his films as unpolitically correct as possible. The Hostel filmmaker insists his characters talk realistically. He says, "It's like when I used the word 'fag' in a film, and people say, 'He's homophobic,' which is ridiculous. That's the way people talk. I make a very conscious effort with my films not to be politically correct. "I don't buy the dialogue in a lot of films, because when close friends talk to one another, they're not worrying about that kind of stuff. They're comfortable because they know it's only a joke. "Characters in modern movies are so conscious of the audience, and studios are so conscious of the audience liking the character, that they're afraid to do anything to make them unlikable. But it actually makes them more likable because it makes them more human."