Eli Roth is giving away his wisdom teeth via twitter.

The 'Hostel' director recently had the troublesome molars removed and rather than let his dentist dispose of them, he announced a giveaway to whoever provides the best suggestion on what to do with them.

He tweeted: "Wisdom teeth: gone. Who wants 'emday.

"Either of these would make a lovely necklace or pair of earrings. You could proudly display my wisdom. Teeth (sic).

Eli, 39, then followed up his tweets with an explanation on his personal blog, writing: "Dem's my teef. Whoever has the most fun, creative idea gets them. Simple is okay too (earring, necklace, nipple ring) but you have to tell me how you're going to design it and then send a pic of the tooth when it's done. (sic)"

The winner will be announced today (14.10.11) and Eli already seems pleased with the suggestions he has received so far.

He wrote on twitter: "These ideas are so creative they're making me want to pull out more teeth."